Unlike conventional research institutes, the ERU research and documentation team comprises a core team of professionals and a wider pool of independent researchers who come on board for specific assignments / projects. The team is hand picked to suit the specific requirement of every assignment. We bring in people from research institutions when required. We are networked via the Internet and are able to work with researchers across the country and in different languages. Our core panel of researchers include the following persons:

Core Team

Bharat Patni (Managing Director), an engineer from IIT Roorkee with an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad, has 32 years of domestic and international experience in the corporate sector. He then transited into the development sector and spent six years with Pratham, Mumbai providing full time support on issues related to general management, donor coordination, MIS, finance and programme planning / development. He has travelled extensively in the country in connection with Pratham interface with the government in Primary Education. He joined ERU group in 2006 and has anchored / managed multi-state research projects. He brings quantitative research skills to the ERU management team. Bharat is based in New Delhi.

Kameshwari Jandhyala has worked on women’s education, empowerment and livelihood issues for over 20 yeas. She is the first Director of Mahila Samakhya Andhra Pradesh and Consultant to the National Office of Mahila Samakhya in Department of Education, GOI. She was a member of the UGC Standing Committee on Women’s studies during 2006-2012. She is a keen researcher and has significant experience in qualitative research and programme development in education (women’s education), women’s studies and gender and development issues. Kameshwari is based in Hyderabad.

Nishi Mehrotra has worked on sustainable agriculture, watershed development, rural development and women’s empowerment issues. She is the first State Programme Director of Mahila Samakhya Programme in Uttar Pradesh and is now the Chairperson of the Mahila Samakhya National Resource Group. She has significant experience in the area of organisational development, education, livelihoods, water and sanitation sectors and is a highly skilled qualitative researcher with extensive fieldwork experience across India. She is based in Lucknow and has significant ground level experience in Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Bihar and Jharkhand. Nishi is based in Lucknow.

Niti Saxena has been a part of ERU team since inception and she has significant experience in quantitative as well as qualitative research. She is a qualified lawyer and an expert on child rights, human rights issues, and even has considerable experience of education and other development issues. She is a competent data management and analysis person (both qulaitattive and qunatitative) of the ERU team. Niti is the former Executive Director of AALI (a feminist legal advocacy and research group headquartered in Lucknow). She leads / anchors ERU’s field projects across northern India. Niti is based in Lucknow.

Rajni Patni has taught at Universities of Allahabad, Udaipur and New Delhi for over a decade. Subsequently, she worked as the first WID Advisor at the Canadian High Commission, engaged in programme monitoring, integrating women’s concerns, and effective implementation of bilateral projects. Hse has worked in the states of Bihar, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh and MP for over two decades on women’s health, livelihoods promotion, trainings on gender, and governance issues. She is a keen researcher in both quantitative and qualitative studies. Apart from this she is a Founder member of Prakriti, a Nagpur based NGO engaged in working on gender and empowerment. Currently Rajni is based in Jaipur.

Vimala Ramachandran (currently on sabbatical from ERU) is Professor & National Fellow, NUEPA, New Delhi was till recently the Managing Director, Educational Resource Unit – a group of researchers and practitioners working on education and empowerment. She was among the founders and was the first National Project Director of Mahila Samakhya (1988-1993) – a Government of India programme on women’s education based in the Department of Education, Ministry of Human Resources Development (HRD). She was founder and Managing Trustee of HealthWatch – a women’s health network, from 1994 to 2004. She has published extensively on education, health, gender issues and women’s empowerment. She has been engaged in advocacy for universal quality education and girls’ education. Among her notable publications are Health and Girls Education in South Asia: An Essential Synergy, published by UNICEF – UNGEI, Kathmandu (2008); Fostering Opportunities to Learn at an Accelerated Pace: Why do Girls Benefit Enormously?; UNICEF, New Delhi (2004); Hierarchies of Access: Gender and Equity in Primary Education, Sage Publications, New Delhi (2004); Getting Children Back to School: Case Studies in Primary Education, Sage Publications, New Delhi (2003); and Bridging the Gap Between Intention and Action – Girls’ and Women’s Education in South Asia, UNESCO-PROAP, Bangkok and ASPBAE, New Delhi (1998).

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